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Watch What You Eat

Before your spa visit, it’s best not to eat a heavy meal or intake high amounts of caffeine. Being too full or too wired might make it difficult for you to relax and get comfortable. If you are going to eat something beforehand, then eat something light instead. If you haven’t eaten in a while, bring a light snack with you or have a piece of fruit at the spa to bring up your blood sugar following your treatment.

Shaving & Showering

Taking a warm to hot shower before you come in can help relax your muscles, which will help with your treatment. Also, shaving before some spa services could be irritating to the skin, so you should take that into consideration before making an appointment for some services, like facials or exfoliations.

Stretch Out

It’s helpful to do some light stretching exercises before your massage, especially if you are sedentary or if you carry heavy things on a regular basis.

Get Comfortable

If you’re too shy to get a massage because you don’t want to get undressed, don’t worry. Our staff are trained in the latest draping techniques, so only the part of the body being worked on at the moment will be uncovered. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed.

Take It Easy

Although this is a post-spa trip tip, it should be taken to heart. We recommend that you take it easy and don’t do anything too strenuous right after spending time at the spa. In addition, we recommend that you drink lots of water to help your body process the toxins that are released from your muscles during treatment. Failure to do so may cause you to become lightheaded.


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